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Devoid of Purpose

The concept of emptiness is difficult to portray and even harder to understand when talking about the City of London, possibly one of the most sought after pieces of real estate in UK.

My latest project focuses on an empty space or rather on what is missing, that is its purpose. The area I am referring to is a piece of land located in The City and surrounded by some of the biggest developments currently being built in London – high rises, luxury flats and offices are rapidly growing while a new transport hub is being constructed just on the side. Amid all this busting activity this place remains dormant.

Devoid of Purpose - Marco Barbieri - Photography

Pubs, shops, a taylor and some office buildings are slowly decaying. Old desktop computers are visible in the hall of one of the buildings while nature seems to getting back part of the manmade landscape.
Not many people seem to be passing in this area, especially during the weekend as the place has lost its purpose completely. On the contrary everything around it is being built for a specific reason: business.

JP Morgan were supposed to be opening some offices here but apparently this is not happening anymore and the area, probably far too expensive for many companies, has been rotting for the last years.

Devoid of Purpose - Marco Barbieri - Photography

Whit its eerie atmosphere this place represents a step into the past but most of all acts as a reminder of the current economic situation, a tangible spectre of the financial crisis that hit UK.

More to come.


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