Medium Format Poverty

Posted on Jan 11, 2016

It was due to happen, at a certain point in my life I had to make that pretentious step and buy my first decent medium format film camera. After much thinking I bought the Mamiya 7, the only existing 6×7 rangefinder: it’s an ugly, big and unfriendly camera to use.

My life changed for the better.

Below are some of the scans from my first rolls of negatives taken in Czech Republic. Every year I travel to the little industrial town of Hlinsko where half of my family lives and try to add some images to an ongoing project titled Homeland 2. It’s about my ever dissolving roots and an attempt to rediscover the meaningful places of my past.

Now, I will inevitably get poorer but happier in the process of developing my new film endeavours.


Marco Barbieri - Medium Format - Homeland 2


Marco Barbieri - Medium Format - Homeland 2

I am adding more scans via my Instagram account. Yep I know, this is almost an oxymoron.