Posted on Aug 1, 2012

Binge drinking is quite a big thing in the UK: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are usually the day people tend to get in a pub and drink as much as possible.. Seeing people in quite ridiculous situations is a common site during the weekends but what I find much more interesting is looking at what is left on the streets. It all started one Sunday morning when, strangely, I was around earlier than usual in areas that are not so well looked after as others, richer, parts of the city, where proofs are quickly swept away. I started noticing how the area was full of every type of cans, bottles and so on, most of times beautifully positioned in some really imaginative places. It was like the cans were there to be pictured. And so I did..

Our Drinking Habits - Marco Barbieri - Photography

Far from being some sort of attack on binge drinking, this is just an exercise in composition.  It is something ongoing that I called Our Drinking Habits. I like to consider my finding as “reminders”. At the moment I am collecting images on my Flickr page, but there is a chance that this project evolves in something more defined and appear on my website as well. In the meantime here are a couple of images I produced during my wanderings.

Our Drinking Habits - Marco Barbieri - Photography

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